27 November, 2008

Stand by me!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today's not a holiday here so we'll be caught up in the normal routine. I think, though that I'm going to run out and buy a couple of turkey breasts to cook up-- maybe I'll force everyone to sit through a dramatic reenactment of the pilgrims' first year. ;-)

You'll probably all be cooking all day today-- may your turkey be tender, your onions perfectly caramelized and the wine good and copious! :-)

I saw this clip over at Linkateria and loved it:

"Stand by me" is a featured song around the world in which 37 musicians from five continents assemble together to create one unified track. The musicians have never met in person and connect through their music. Each track is added to the song as the musicians are recorded LIVE outside across the globe. The end result is a remarkable human connection and a powerful song.


Michelle said...

Now that put a big smile on my face...love it!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

How totally cool. I LOVED it!

anno said...

What an amazing idea! Unfortunately I will have to wait until I am no longer sound-impaired to be able to hear it, but it's one I want to listen to as soon as possible.

Good luck with your own Thanksgiving Day improvisations, and know this: I am grateful for my Internet friends, too -- it's been good to meet you here!

Jennifer said...

Happy thanksgiving. We'll be doing a fest on Saturday.

christina said...

That was great!

Happy Thanksgiving!