18 November, 2008

Guardian angel

This afternoon I walked down and met my kids halfway on their walk home from school! Passed the bullies on the way and we all gave each other the evil eye.

S and B were bubbling over to see me!

HI MAMAAAAAAAA! What a nice surprise! Hey, and you're the second person looking out for us today!

Oh really? Who was the other person?

We'd noticed Y's dad following us, but when we turned around he stepped behind some bushes!

This was the dad who scared off the bullies yesterday and brought S and B home. I just called his house to thank him-- his wife laughed when I told her I think he's wonderful, and said she thought so too.

She also said that there's another mother who's noticed these kids bothering smaller children on the way home, and we've all decided to report every incident to the parents and the school. This is the first time in a while that I've felt empowered about the whole situation...

Maybe there is hope for the world?


G in Berlin said...

I'm really glad to hear that. I talked about this yesterday with my husband and in relation to the fact that we regularly see children taking the U-Bahn and buses alone that are, we think 8-9. It's just too scary for us. I think I will be escorting the girls to school until they are in college.
But I am really glad to hear that you arent alone and I hope that you and the other parents take back your area from the bullies.

Jennifer said...

How nice to have somebody else watching over them too. That's how it should be.

christina said...

Yay! That's really good news. I can't believe what some kids get away with.

Goofball said...

that's great. But it still shouldn't be necessary at all.

Astrid said...

I have a vivd image in my head now, of a man jumping into bushes, not wanting to get seen but failed completely :)

It's nice to know that you're not "alone" in this that other parents want to get involved and are reacting to this, in protecting not only their own children but their classmates too.

It's a shame though that the school and parents of these bullies will only take action after a serious enough incident (with proof) has happened. Understandable in one way, but does someone need to get hurt first? Like that girl you told us about in an earilier post?

I hope they leave your children and their friends alone from now!

anno said...

Parenting, like democracy, seems to require constant vigilance, not to mention the support of people you might not even know. I'm glad to hear there are others in your neighborhood who are concerned... and watchful. And as you become more active, maybe more will join you. Good luck!