05 June, 2012

Pig-related-post #3

This morning we walked out to a farm in the next town over so that S and B could pet the goats and the pigs.

S:  Man!  I LOVE pigs!
Me:  Me too.  I love petting their snouts.
S:  Well good.  Remember that feeling, because you'll get to pet all the snouts you want when I'm grown up and you come to visit me.  I'll be living in Los Angeles.
Me:  Hmm. LA, huh?
S:  Yep.  And I'm going to have a girl pig and a boy pig and they're going to have lots of piglets and I'll give them to ALL MY FRIENDS!
M:  Umm, S?  I'm not sure all your friends will appreciate pigs in the same way you do.
S:  No problem.  Then I'll sell the leftover ones and make lots of money.  That or grill them.

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad you're documenting this solid gold.