19 June, 2012

Life with Boyz 5

(the phone rings.)


Hi Mom.  It's me, B.

Hi B!  You done with school?

Yeah-- would you like to come meet me halfway so that we can walk the rest of the way home together?

Sure!  Just let me pull on my shoes!

OK, there's just one thing.  When you see me I've got this *huge* wound on my arm...

Wait, what?!!

...and it's dripping blood down all over my fingers, and everything...


Anyway, when you see me don't freak out, OK?


Because it's not real.  The guys in my class and I had a contest today to see who could paint the best wound on themselves with our watercolors and I WON!

Wow-- Congratulations!

Thanks!  And F came in second place for his hickey.  It was *so cool*!


Anonymous said...

Good thing he warned you! Love these stories.

Lisa in Indy.

Goofball said...

:) at least he warned you