18 August, 2011

Tomorrow we'll wrestle some crocodiles

Earlier this week we took out S's stitches using kitchen shears at the breakfast table. Today we hiked the top of Mont Ventoux! We are so manly! Just like Ernest Hemingway! (the only thing missing is the scotch. and the hangovers. usually...)


Goofball said...

Did you wave to the loads of Belgian amateur cyclists that always crowd the Mont Ventoux?

there's been discussions in hte parliament once before one of our numerous elections to organise a booth at the bottom of the mont ventoux :D

Anonymous said...

Cool, pictures!

Lisa in Indy

Betsy said...

Thanks! How's your summer going so far, Lisa?

Anonymous said...

Good! Today we're celebrating the 37th day of 90 + heat, sigh. I've had the windows open so we did get some relief. Waiting for the garden to recover from it's dormant state and ripen those 30 tomatoes on the vine!

Hubby is on his way home from Basel today so I went to Lake Michigan on Sunday. Love. The. Beach. Perfect weather and I fed my beach fix.

The boys are so blond! When did that happen? hee hee.