05 August, 2011

Life with Boyz

The last 24 hours have been a little more "interesting" than are good for me. B dislocated his shoulder playing soccer yesterday evening. M, who was watching them play, called me and asked me to hurry down because Bram's shoulder looked "suspicious". By the time I got there it had popped back in and he was feeling better. Iced it down, gave him Ibuprofen, and after a sleepless night (mine, not his!) everything seems to be on the mend.

Then this afternoon S fell off of his bike out at the skateboard park. B called to tell me that it was bleeding and deep enough that you could "see something white" in the wound. Niiiiiice. 3 hours, one pediatrician, one surgeon and 3 stitches later and we're back home. We've got a follow-up appointment with the doctor at 8:45 am tomorrow morning. (We had planned to leave to drive to the Provence at 6am.)

I think I've had enough drama to last me for a while, thank you...