31 March, 2011

but I'm sure it looked hilarious!

Our landlord will be arriving in 15 minutes with a painter to look around our current house and make a list of rooms that will need to be painted before the next tenants can move in. It looks like a bomb has gone off in here. *AND* due to a combination of procrastination and spectacularly bad planning I've only just noticed that our vacuum cleaner is at the other house. So I just vacuumed our whole downstairs floor with a dustbuster.

Man, I can't wait until this transition phase is behind us!


Goofball said...

don't worry about it, you're leaving the place anyway

Expats Again said...

How long have you lived there? We're moving to another place in Munich and have only lived in this apartment for 2 years. The landlord is using a pro rate with the fact that they usually don't paint for 5 years. Whew! I thought everyone had to repaint when they left.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could tell you horror stories about our landlord when we left Stuttgart. Worse was it was owned by the company we both worked for (when we met, I didn't work at HQ). The inspector went to the bathroom sink and said, it's cracked. I said, where? He said, right there. No kidding, I needed a magnifying glass to even see it. I knew right away we were set up because he pointed right to it so it must have been in his notes from the previous tenant. Yup, we got hit with the replacement. It only took 9 months to get less than 50% of our deposit too. Crooks I tell ya!
Grumbles....Lisa in Indy.
P.S. Good Luck.