26 March, 2011

Actually I had two shots of vodka just before I came in!

I had my standard biennial physical this week. My doctor checked my blood, respiration and circulation and then led me into an examination room where she did an ultrasound check of my major organs just to make sure that everything was still where it should be. (It was.)

I was watching the screen, following along with her when she said:

"Aha. There's your gall bladder. You must be sober."

I stifled a laugh. "Am I sober? Um, yeah, it's 11am!"

And it was only then that I realized that the German word for "sober" (nüchtern) also means that you have an empty stomach. :-D


Goofball said...


so no breakfast for you?

Betsy said...

Funny thing is, I'd actually eaten a good breakfast, but my metabolism is really fast, so by eleven I'm already running on empty.

Betsy said...

And "nuchter" is the same in Dutch, so I don't know why it tripped me up in this instance-- maybe just because I was hungry and wasn't thinking clearly. :-)

Betsy said...

OK, one more, and then I'll stop. Do you know that when a German wants to know if you've had enough to eat they ask you if you're "Satt", which sounds just like "zat" and still makes me (and M) giggle. :-)

Kelly said...

Wow--good thing your physical wasn't after an afternoon at our house; we just bought more vodka!