18 August, 2009

4 lake drive

Yesterday we escaped the touristy crowds on Lake Garda and took a drive around to 3 other lakes in the area: Lake Idro, Lake Valvestino and Lake Ledro. As you'll see from the picture, the area is mountainous and the scenery was spectacular!

We stopped for lunch at a little lodge nestled into the mountainside and had a local dish of polenta which has been cooked with alpine cheese. (Or more accurately, alpine cheese which has been cooked with a little bit of polenta sprinkled in.) It was creamy and delicious and turned into a boulder-like consistency in our stomachs as soon as we'd eaten it. Luckily Italian espresso functions as the perfect digestive-- by the time we left we were wired and full and very happy.

We went for a swim in Lake Valvestino and played with a beautiful Weimaraner puppy on the shore. B collected pieces of granite from the pebble-strewn shore and S and M coaxed D out into deeper waters for a swim.

On the way back we stopped in Riva for an ice cream and then drove down the western shore of Lake Garda and enjoyed the spectacular views over the water...

Today we're lounging around on the campsite trying to beat the heat. (Yesterday the temperature climbed to 37 degrees C (!!!) and today it's probably not much cooler!)

Tonight we'll drive to Verona to see the opera. I'm really happy with the Internet connection here at the campground, because I've been able to look up the storyline for Aida and have read it to the kids a couple of times so that they'll be able to follow along better.

*picture thanks to Wikimedia


Goofball said...

Hmmm all the time wikimedia pictures. Are you certain you are there on vacation? or just making us jealous from home in Germany ;)

just kidding

espresso didn't make it worse? Really? Cafein usually doesn't make my stomac happy. Did the kids drink expresso as well???

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It just sounds all so lovely, Betsy! I hope that at some point I can take a vacation like yours. Is there no place to swim at the campground? I was astonished by the level of luxe at the European campgrounds I've been to.

Betsy said...

Goofball: bwahahahahaha! You got me! I actually don't live in Germany either, but Peoria isn't all that exciting to write about. A girl's gotta dream, doesn't she?

No, no caffeine for the kiddos. They suffered through the polenta boulder syndrome and seem to have survived intact, although I'm not sure how. What's the saying: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" ;-)

Jen: Hi! You're right, it is lovely here. I've always wanted to do this trip too and it's such a treat to finally be able to do it!

Our campground is right on Lake Garda, and has a couple of pebbled beaches. The water is a perfect temperature and has been such a relief this week while it's been so hot! The nice thing is that D is allowed on the beach as well and she's been swimming with us every day too. Not all campgrounds allow dogs, but this one is extra dog friendly...

Anonymous said...

When I admire the picture of your son with the ice cream sometimes I will rub some ice cream on his lips then lick it off, and of course kiss him to my hearts desire!