30 May, 2008

Shouting from the rooftops

This blog seems to have turned into a bad news gazette lately. So I thought I'd buck the trend and write about something pleasant for a change.

Back in March I visited a holistic doctor for a general tune-up. I wasn't sick, but wasn't feeling 100%, either. She told me that I am allergic / sensitive to a wide array of substances and suggested some radical diet changes. The first couple of months were difficult and discouraging, but I've stuck with it, and you know what???


This has been a proverbial silver bullet because it's taken care of digestive issues, minor skin problems, headaches and energy fluctuations that I've been chalking up to hypoglycemia. I still don't metabolize sugar very well, but the dips I have now are much milder. I think that they've just been exacerbated all this time by caffeine and a sensitivity to cow's milk.

I've always been suspicious about those celebrities who go on radical diets and then swear they've got loads of energy and bound out of bed at 5am to go running. OK, so that's still a bit far-fetched for my situation, but I do notice a definite difference and I'm thrilled! This reformed milkaholic will be staying off the wagon for the forseeable future!


Goofball said...

Really. Yeay that's good news.

Or maybe not...I don't want to think that such a radical diet could do me good as well (I'm also thriving on cafféine and milk and other stuff you couldn't eat anymore). Damn, why didn't you say that a potato chips diet combined with peanuts, Coke and cake made you feel better?

anno said...

Yeay! That is some good news! I am really impressed, however, by the discipline you've maintained in sticking to this new diet. Like Goofball, I keep hoping to hear the good word about the Lays Potato chips, gin & tonic, and chocolate gelato diet.

Betsy said...

Actually Lays potato chips, peanuts and gin are no problem with this diet.

Cake and cookies are also OK in small amounts as long as they don't have a lot of milk in them.

In fact, I ate a couple of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert this evening! So don't go getting all depressed on me yet! :-)

anno said...

For some reason, I thought you had to cut out all kinds of grains, as well as anything remotely high glycemic, thus putting potato chips & cake far beyond the pale.

If gin & chips (no dip, though, alas) are ok, with a small slice of sachertorte for dessert, then this is excellent news!

Betsy said...

no, you're right, actually. I was making light of it in a failed attempt to be funny. It really is very restrictive: no dairy, no caffeine, no high-glycemic foods, no meat.

In the beginning it was also no grains except for spelt. That was HORRIBLE! But I've introduced grains one by one and they seem to be OK as long as I don't overdo it.

High glycemic foods have always been a problem for me, so I'm pretty used to avoiding them. I eat fruit but avoid almost all other sugars. I can handle a little bit after a big meal, but can't overdo that either or I feel terrible.

(I baked those cookies we ate yesterday. Used whole grain (low GI) flour and applesauce to sweeten them and just a few chocolate chips to make them seem like a real treat.)

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this diet is a long way from normal but is sustainable as long as I eat at home and enjoy indulgences every now and then in moderation.

Which isn't always easy, but since the tradeoff is that I feel great then it seems worth it...

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

FWIW, Betsy, I have to "clean out" my system of dairy from time to time, but then I can have it again, in moderation. I think sometimes we just have sort of built up intolerance for certain things by having too much of that thing or whatever.

Glad it's working! Yay!

Betsy said...

Really Jen!? Well, that gives me some hope, because I have always loved milk and dairy products. I would love to be able to enjoy them again someday!

jennifer said...

Inspirational... I can't stand the thought of cutting anything I like out of my diet. Makes me feel deprived... it must feel great.
Thanks for stopping by. Your words meant alot to me.

R. Duckie said...

I've always wanted to try something like that..