01 May, 2008

it was like, totally insane

Oh my god, you guys. the drive? was. horrendous. and I've reverted to adolescent gibberish because I haven't yet fully recovered. The first two hours? we drove 100 km. in total. The next hour and 15 minutes? 25 km. There was traffic. There were accidents. there was construction. and then? then it started to rain. buckets full.

And suddenly, in the midst of all the chaos? one of the little people in the back seat decides to see what would happen if he pulled one of the live wires out of the screen for our portable DVD player and touch it to the jack for the headphones. The DVD player died a sudden, cataclysmic death. Luckily the boy was unscathed, but we still had 497 km to go.

We got here just before midnight-- the normal 5 1/2 hour drive had grown an extra set of limbs and had extended its ugly self past the 9 1/2 hour marker. *shudder*

Against all odds, however, I have not had to be sedated or committed. I'm sitting here with homemade brownies and a cup of coffee. we visited a great local museum today and I'm about to go out and walk the dog along the dikes. Coincidentally, M's flight back home on Saturday is with KLM, so he'll be able to go AWOL during the layover in Amsterdam and drive back home with us on Sunday.

I'm hoping my next post will buck the recent trend and won't feature disaster as a central theme!!! (knocking on wood and spitting over my shoulder)


Goofball said...

well at least you are now amidst the "Dutch" sanity :p.

Betsy said...

which wouldn't be complete without a few jokes at the expense of the Belgians... ;-)

anno said...

Unbelievable! Glad to hear small person is unscathed by his electrical experimentation. Hope you are safely ensconced in a dark room with soft coverlets, plenty of chocolate brownies, and perhaps even a snifter of brandy (or two).

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm so sorry about the insane drive. Glad that M. got to drive back with you, though. And I'm glad you don't have to transition once again!