06 March, 2008

Good question!

B is about to lose his first tooth and has been thinking a lot about the tooth fairy lately.

Hey Mama, remember when S tried to trick the tooth fairy?

Yeah. But it didn't work because she knew that wasn't his tooth. Fairies know everything.

Oh really?! Cool! I hope I see her when she comes, because I've got a question for her.

You do? What's that?!

I'm going to ask her if aliens really exist...


CC said...

invasive alien species?

Anonymous said...

let us know what she says, hm k?

anno said...

Me, too, I wanna know, too!
Hey, can I e-mail you a list of some other questions I've got on my mind?

Betsy said...

Sure! What questions? My favorite color is orange. My shoe size is 8 1/2. There are currently 7 dirty dishes on my countertop.

Or were those not the kind of questions / answers you had in mind???

ExpatKat said...

Welcome to the world of the 'tooth Fairy'. Wrote a post myself recently on this subject. Hop over and take a look if you want a laugh.

anno said...

Orange is my favorite color, too! Except I can't wear it because it makes me look jaundiced. I think my affection for this color is a holdover from my previous life as an Italian.

Only 7 dirty dishes? My counter currently holds more than I can count. Or wash.

And what about crop circles? Who makes them?

Will the dollar ever recover? And when?

Will my daughter finish her homework without a fuss?

What should I be doing with my life?

Hey, enquiring minds need to know!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love orange, too. And please let me know what the tooth fairy tells B about the aliens. I've always wondered about whether or not they exist.

Goofball said...

I think aliens exist, but they don't loose their teeth ever, so the tooth fairy wouldn't be too familiar with them.