30 March, 2008


We're back! The weather this weekend has been unbelievable-- today it was 22 degrees and sunny! We actually had brunch this morning outside at the Stadt Cafe and soaked up the sun and the atmosphere.

Prague was wonderful. I don't know what it is about that city-- you know how it is when you meet someone and click with them immediately? That's how I've always felt about Prague. Something about it brings the intrepid side of me to the surface.

The boys and I roamed around happily for two days. Spent an afternoon at the National Museum and then took in the sights. S and B are finally old enough that they can participate in planning what we should see, which was fun. They loved the castle and the Charles Bridge, but secretly I think their favorite activity was the breakfast buffet in the hotel.

Easter break is now over and life returns to normal tomorrow...

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love Prague, too. A few years ago, I was able to go to Amsterdam with C, and while he loved ALL of it, his fave thing was the breakfast buffet, too - toast with those little chocolate sprinkles and hot chocolate from the big, gold machine that would churn out anything... nothing finer! ;-)

Goofball said...

sigh...I should go back to Prague. Only been once and I loved it as well: the castle, an abbaye a bit further up, the Jewish quarter, the old market full of tourist watching the clock, ...all the towers, all the bridges etc .

yep, it's a great city!

Greg said...

My oldest son B just returned from Prague. He had a great time, although a friend that he was traveling with got mugged. Fortunately, nothing too serious, and that sort of thing can happen anywhere. Welcome back!

Astrid said...

Prague has been on the list to see for a long time :) Glad you had a lovely Easter break!