20 January, 2008

Easily Amused

Have you all heard about the Dialectizer? You type in any URL and it automatically creates a parody using a chosen dialect. You can try the Swedish Chef, Cockney or my very favorite, Elmer Fudd. Here is an excerpt from yesterday's post a la Herr Fudd:

Need a waugh?

Stiww don't have jack to say in the viwtuaw weawm. But I guess I shouwd at weast be happy that I haven't wost my sense of humow in the weaw one!

I "stumbwed" acwoss this wist of Steven Wwight's one winews and they cwacked me up! Hewe awe a few gweat ones fow youw weading pweasuwe:
  • Wast night I pwayed a bwank tape at fuww bwast. De mime next doow went nuts. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!
  • Just think how much deepew the ocean wouwd be if sponges didn't wive thewe.
  • If a cow waughed, wouwd miwk come out hew nose?
  • Whose cwuew idea was it fow the wowd "wisp" to have an "s" in it?
  • Since wight twavews fastew than sound, isn't that why some peopwe appeaw bwight untiw you heaw them speak?
  • How come abbweviated is such a wong wowd?

As if Steven Wright wasn't already suwweaw enough to begin with! :-D


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That's pretty cool. I think I'll send all my e-mails that go to my ds about details in Elmer Fudd.

anno said...

This looks like fun -- another great way to avoid work!

Brit Sung Kyung Kim said...

Well, Betsy - must have lost your mail adress along the fast change of hotmail. yahoo. etc. landing on gmail ;) but I won't keep the kimchi secret from you! so here goes:
3 cabbage heads (the crispy kind also used in salads)
½ daikon radish (fresh)
5 garlic heads (not just the small pieces but the whole 'head')
2 'thumbs' of fresh ginger
3 cups of Korean chilli powder (the content of capsicum is supposedly larger in Korean chilli)
and these ingredients can actually be taken out if 100 % vegetarian -
½ cup of fish sauce/oyster sauce
3 cups of salt for salting and soaking the cabbages

cut the cabbages in half and cut out the 'stalk'? - you know the hard piece at the bottom but keep the leaves connected. drizzle salt in between the leaves and put the cabbages to soak in a large bowl or 'tub'. turn every ½-1 hour.

after approx. 4 hours the cabbages should be like 'al dente' pasta .. like a little crunchy but with 'tired' leaves (omg hope this will work!)

then gently rinse off salt under water. and squezze the water out of the cabbages and place them in another bowl/tub.

then - finely chop the daikon radish in 'julienne' - first slice in thin slices and take the slices and finely chop into long shreddings. place these in large bowl.

then - mix garlic (finely mashed/ground), chilli powder finely mashed/ground ginger into the daikon julienne - USE PLASTIC GLOVES to protect your hands!

sprinkle a little sugar (and perhaps the ½ cup of fish sauce) into this mix and.. toss again.

Now - keep the gloves on - take each ½ cabbage and paste this mix on each cabbage leaf and when finished make a nice 'package' of the ½ cabbage and place in a bowl/pot/tub that fits into your refrigerator.

and leave for some days..or just munch munch right away!

alert! make sure your family and friends and colleagues eat some of it too - in order to avoid wringing movements away from you after enjoying this delicious garlicy and health KIMCHI ^^

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

I like the ones that translate into Shizzle..