24 May, 2007

What a difference a day makes

It felt good yesterday to vent about 1&1 and get the whole thing down into words-- blogging can be so cathartic! Aside from an appointment to talk to the consumer protection agency I'm going to just try and put the whole fiasco behind me.

Heza is right, I've got a lot of sweetness in my life, and it's nice to turn my attention back to the things that really count.

S came home from school yesterday bubbling over with excitement. We had some confusion at first-- he started off in Dutch: "Ik stond op de tafel in class today." (I stood on the table in class today.) I was a bit alarmed: "Hang on a second! What were you doing on up on the table???"

But apparently he meant to say the German "Ich stand auf der Tafel" (or something like that), which sounds about the same, but which means his name was written on the blackboard.

Anyway, his name was written on the blackboard because of a reading contest they're doing. They log into an Internet site whenever they've read a book and take a quiz on the content. Points are awarded for correct answers and are weighted according to the difficulty of the text. And S is currently in 1st place! (And this is the kid who couldn't speak a word of German this time last year!) I know the achievement is all his, but I'm enjoying it vicariously!!! :-)

This morning B had his physical at the school to determine if he's ready to enter first grade. The doctor was very friendly and checked his vision and hearing and verbal skills and then she started laughing and said: "He's ready! PUT THIS KID IN SCHOOL!"

Tell me about it! The kindergarten has been very good to him but it's definitely time for B to move on...

The weather is gorgeous and M gets back home tomorrow. We've planned to celebrate my birthday on Saturday-- so then I can really enjoy the day and do it right! :-)


Carol said...

You DO have a lot of sweetness in your life! Congrats to all!

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get a nice celebration.

Africakid said...

Hope you had a good birthday time! And yay for S and B -- way to go this year.

christina said...

Well that's good news! Your boys are so sweet.