29 May, 2007

Ready for dentures and a walker

I don't know if it was the birthday or just general philosophical musings but I've really been feeling my age lately. Not really feeling old, but just astounded that I could actually be nearing 40. That I'm married to a man nearing 40. And that I have t-shirts in my drawer that are older than most of the people who are serving my lattes. Talk about unnerving.

The other night I had a friend over-- M was away and we were taking advantage of the balmy evening, hanging out on the balcony watching the falcons circle over the valley and filling each other in on our respective backgrounds.

She asked me how I ended up in Moscow after I graduated and I gave the usual answer: "Because I was there studying in August 1991 just before everything fell apart." and looked at her meaningfully.

Blank stare.

Moscow?! August. 1991. ???!!!

Still nothing.

She started laughing. Umm, Betsy? I was, what? Nine years old back then?! I have no clue what you're talking about...


Goofball said...

Hmm i had to check wikipedia to see exactly what had happened. But I do remember it partly! I mainly remember that Gorbatsjov was stuck in the crimnea and I wondered mostly whether that would have been fun or not...being captive on your holiday occasion that is.

So vague memories: does that make me young or old ;).

And now I am curious how you ended up studying in Moscow in the first place ;)

Susie Q said...

You've either got some very old shirts or your baristas are still in kindergarten!

Carol said...

Oh stop!!! Until you realize that the flower girl at your wedding has not only obtained her law degree, but worked as attorney for a few years as has decided to stay home now with her three kids, you are NOT old!!

Carol (50-frikkin years old... and counting!)

Betsy said...

Ellen: Thank you for reminding me why I love Wikipedia! Guess you were reading this article?


I actually ended up in Moscow on a fluke. I was bored that summer, was taking Russian anyway and it ended up being cheaper to take a summer class at Moscow State than to stay at University of Florida.

But it was one of those funny things, a decision that seems small at the time, but which changed the course of my entire life.

Moscow was fascinating at the time, and I realized that I wanted to have a chance to be there and experience everything first-hand. Went back to Florida, changed my major, moved over 6 months later and haven't looked back since...

Susie Q :-D Ha! After I graduated I packed up a couple of boxes of stuff and put it into storeage where it stayed hidden for almost 15 years. When I finally had it shipped to me it was like opening up a time capsule-- old pictures, treasured books, letters, and even a few t-shirts which had magically survived the Florida heat and humidity.

Random Sunday mornings find me schlepping around in my original "Band Aid" t-shirt. (Which still fits, believe it or not!)

And I cracked my mom up not too long ago by showing up for breakfast wearing a Corey Hart concert shirt. How many of you out there actually remember Corey Hart??? :-)

Carol Your posts lately about realizing how quickly your kids have grown has really struck a chord. I look at the pictures of your kids when they were small and realize that it's only a matter of time before I'm blogging as an empty nester. Thanks for the wake-up call!

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Well I was 13 but that small age gap makes a hige difference because I remember it well. Weird to see the generation gap of the same nature amongst the russians I work with.