30 May, 2007

Magical moment

B has suddenly started reading and I've been astounded by this newest cognitive leap. It was only later that I realized that S has been teaching him the basics-- just walked in this morning and found them entrenched in their latest lesson. (Believe it or not these photos aren't staged in any way-- they were so concentrated that they hardly even registered the camera.)


Africakid said...

Oh come on--how much did you pay them to pose? ;)

(Cute beyond belief!)

Lisa said...

That is so SWEET!!!! :D

Carol said...

Save those forever!! They are priceless -- the kids and the photos!


Goofball said...

reminds me that my sister also made me 'discover' that I could already read in books.

I was already in grade 1, learning to read, but it was just the beginning of the fall. Somehow I did not make the click that what I learned in school, that I could apply it already in books.

At one point I went to my sister to ask to read for me out of a children's book. She showed me some words in the book that I could already read. Wow, that was an eye-opener!! From that moment on I was hooked, even though I could barely read more than a couple of words: I searched all texts to find words I knew already :). That was entertaining enough in the beginning.