01 September, 2011

More pictures!

Today we took a hike between Castellet and Auribeau, two small villages near here where M and his family spent many happy summers. The whole area is so picturesque and the weather was sunny and beautiful!

We were pretty deep into the woods when S picked up a rock and uncovered a nest of scorpions! then B discovered an evil red-juice-spitting beetle. The rest of the walk was interesting, but not completely for all the right reasons. ;-)


Kelly said...

Scorpions?! I really never would've guessed they'd live there!

From the looks of D., I think she could get a pretty good job as a grape smasher. (I'll bet there's an official name for that--"Vintapode" or something.)

And also--you're all wearing aqua in the group picture! You probably noticed that, though. But see what I did there? I told you anyway. 'Cause that's how I roll.

Kelly said...

Oh--and I forgot to mention: that wooden door is amazing, and I love-love-love the stairs and plants picture! I think I would like to call that home!

Betsy said...

Oh man, Kel, you would love it here- but you'd probably sprain your finger clicking the shutter button (just made that one up but it's not as good as vintapode. I want to have that tattooed somewhere on my body!)

Anyway, it's so picturesque and I can picture you spending days in this tiny village chasing the perfect shot and getting sunstroke and steadily weakening from hunger and thirst and ending up dazed and confused and breaking your neck falling into someone's cellar. I would miss you, but *MAN*, what a way to go!

Betsy said...

OH yeah, and the shirt color-coordination?! A bizarre coincidence. But please don't tell that to all the well-put-together mothers back in our neighborhood... ;-)

Kelly said...

Oh man, you totally have me sold now! I'm missing the pictures of a lifetime, aren't I?! That would indeed be a great way to go! Alas, I shall live vicariously through you. (Oh, and if you do spring for the tat, I recommend a highly stylized, gaudy font curving from one shoulder to the other, low-rider style.)

Goofball said...

scorpions? there? ugh? creepy