03 September, 2011

Faceplant at le pool

B slipped climbing out of the pool yesterday evening and bit through his lip in two places. At first I thought we were going to have to take him in to have it stitched but after some ice, ibuprofen and compresses it looks like he's going to be OK.

Oma used her Red Cross training (again!) to cut a butterfly bandage to close the wound and it swelled up but stayed closed.

On the upside, this being the Provence, B got to rinse his mouth out a few times with Pastis! And he loved it! Vive la France!


Africakid said...

Ha, you might see an increase in wounds here if the ERs started using the pastis rinse!
Their Oma is amazing.

Goofball said...


....that applies on the wound and also on the Pastis