09 June, 2011


I just got an email from M with this as the subject line:

"Marseille, or Marseillan Plage, same difference..."

We've had plans for months now to go camping for a week with friends at one of their favorite haunts. This morning I mailed the address to M so that we can plug it into the GPS and not just drive around and hope we get lucky and find the campground on the first try. Turns out this is a good thing, because the campground is NOWHERE NEAR to Marseille, which is where I've been telling everyone we were going all this time! And we'd even made plans to visit my brother and sister in law who will be camping "nearby". Whoops! Big blunder!

I sent a reply back saying: "Whoops. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" and M replied that I might want to put the vodka away. I'm glad he's got a sense of humor, or I would have been snuffed out long ago! ;-)


anno said...

Think of the fun everyone would have wandering that stretch of the Mediterranean, though... not the worst thing that could happen! Hope you have wonderful weather & a relaxing, restorative vacation!

Goofball said...

glad you found out before you "arrived" after a long tiring ride longing for a rest. The sense of humor might then be quite lost