10 June, 2011

Oooooppppsssssssss! part 2

Yesterday I was chatting with some new neighbors and told them M and I would liquidate each other if necessary on the ride down to France.

You should have seen the looks on their faces!

I'd blanked out on the German verb used when two people switch off to relieve each other when driving, doing shift work, etc, so I just jimmy-rigged the Dutch word, slapped a German accent on it, and VOILA! Instant consternation!

The problem is that in these situations it's often too complicated to explain how I came up with such a glaring error in the first place, so I often don't even try anymore. Maybe it's not a bad think if the neighbors think I have a sinister side-- might come in handy when I go over to talk to them about trimming their hedges... (Mwahahahaaaaaa!)


Astrid said...

Hahah... Don't hesitate to stop by on your way to Marseille and scare my neighbour with liquidation if she doesn't trim her huge gigantic apricot tree taking our afternoon sun... :)

Goofball said...

so which Dutch word did you have in mind if I may wonder.

Glad you still make hilarious language mistakes :p