30 April, 2011

OK then, if you say so! ;-)

An old friend is getting married in Sarajevo in July. M and the kids won't be able to attend, so I'll be flying solo. Emailed one of the recommended hotels and asked for a single room at the discounted price:

Hotel: "Double room is available at 65 Euros per night. Please confirm that you'll take it. Regards, Nermin I."

Me: "Thanks, but I am traveling alone and would like to book a single room. Do you have any available? Thanks in advance, Betsy."

Hotel: "Single room. EUR 53 including tax. Regards, Nermin I."

Me: "Perfect! I'll take it! Please reserve it for me for the dates provided. Best regards, Betsy"

Bosnian Hotel: ...

24 hours pass and I'm starting to conjure up doomsday scenarios where I arrive to find no rooms available and have to spend the weekend in a dumpster.

On the other hand, I worry that if I send another email that I'll come off as pushy, that they'll maliciously cancel my reservation and that I'll, well, have to spend the weekend in a dumpster. Finally cave and try to write an email that sounds firm, but not simpering:

Me: "Hello again. Sorry, but could you please confirm that the single room is available from xx through xx July and that it has been reserved for me? I'm a little nervous about the trip and just want to know that this has been taken care of. thank you very much and have a nice weekend. Betsy"

Got this reply this morning:

Hotel: "CONFIRMED. Don’t be nervous. Regards, Nermin I."


Goofball said...

I wouldn't have written I was nervous, would have simply requested a reservation confirmation asap

Betsy said...

ASAP, huh? I have a feeling you would have been spending the weekend in the dumpster. ;-)