18 January, 2011

Just in case you were wondering.

So there we were in the waiting room at the dentist's office. I was leafing through a women's magazine with B peering over my shoulder. We got to a somewhat racy ad for perfume: a man lying on top of a woman in bed, apparently in the throes of ecstasy. B snorted and shouted: "EWW! GROSS! They're NAKED!"

S was sitting on the other side of the room and shouted: "Who's naked?!"

To which B replied loudly: "Yuck! It's an ad for perfume! And the people are naked! Why on earth would that sell any perfume?"

S's answer: "Well, clothes cover up a lot of the smell when you're sweaty. When you take off your clothes the odor gets stronger. Maybe that's why they need the perfume when they're naked!"

Funny thing is his sense of humor is so dry he might have been joking. But I'm still not sure...

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