17 December, 2010

Winter fun.

I don't think any of you will be surprised to hear that winter has hit hard here and it just keeps on coming! Just last night we got 10cm of snow and there's apparently plenty more where that came from.

I'm not a winter person under the best of circumstances and this unseasonably cold and stormy weather has left me, shall we say... a little cranky.

Wednesday afternoon we were at a friend's house and the kids cleared a bunch of snow to reveal a long patch of smooth ice. They were taking running starts and skimming across the ice on their boots. Which, of course, went really well until it didn't anymore. K and I happened to be looking out the window and saw B go down hard and his face hit the ice. We actually heard the sound of the impact all the way inside!

Convinced B had knocked out all of his teeth, I ran outside to help him and wiped out hard on the next slippery patch. *grrrrrumble*

So in the end B was more or less OK, and I put an end to this particular form of winter fun. On the way home my car skidded twice on the icy roads. *grrrruuuummmble*

I was writing a crabby ice-related email to M when I heard splashing water. outside. in -5 degree (celsius) weather. ???

I went outside to see S doubled over with laughter. B was dumping buckets of water out of our 2nd story bathroom window and it was splashing all over our front steps and forming a big puddle in front of the front door. Ice rink, anyone? Where did I put my sequined leotards?

I wonder how many of us are going to survive through Christmas? Anyone want two slightly used boys? Cause I've got a couple going real cheap...


anno said...

Awww..... maybe somebody's planning to get you ice skates for Christmas?

If it helps, even seasoned winter afficianados are having a hard time.... 8 degrees F is not my favorite weather for schlepping water out to the ducks at 5 a.m. Hoping it passes, and soon!

Anonymous said...

Phew! You're okay. It's been a long wait for your next post.

Here in the midwest, it's been miserable since the 1st. We now have about a foot of snow and have not seen temps above freezing for so long, I've forgotten. Winter hasn't officially started yet, but we've have a long stretch of it too. I know in the spring, when we get early warm temps, it's fine but this is not my favorite season either. Cabin fever anyone?

Happy Holidays !
Lisa in Indy

Goofball said...

no driveway shovelling duties to wear them down?

skiing in the area?

I don't know...so far I'm quite enjoying myself in the snow with long walks and ski-attempts

Kelly said...

"...sequined leotards," she said.

Heh heh heh hehhhhh!

Acedog said...

10 cm is nothing! Here in Minnesota we received about 50 cm in a little over a week. Cowboy up! ( hope your children survive!! :))