01 November, 2010

Quel délire!

One of M's cousins has sent his son to spend a few days with us. This kid is a delight, but there's just one catch: he's French and speaks only very basic English. So we've got M speaking Dutch with me and I'm speaking English with the kids, who are speaking German with each other. And here we are all trying out our limited French on A! It's fun, but pure insanity.

My brain, she is tired...


Goofball said...

Oh do your kids talk German among themselves?

let me know if I need to translate anything :p

Astrid said...

...and I complain about getting language confused once in a while!

Good luck :)

Betsy said...

Goofball: Yes, they do, usually-- it's crazy considering that they've only been speaking it for about 4 years! I guess it's because that's the language they speak with their friends?

Astrid: You guys must have about the same thing, but then all the time, right? Don't you speak English with each other?