18 June, 2009

Photo update

Don't have much to say. We're hanging in there, but are waiting for the other shoe to drop with M's employer. Nothing concrete, just a steadily growing feeling of dread that we will soon have to pull up stakes again and leave this place that we've come to love so much.

Some days I feel like I'm dangling out of a 10th story window, holding onto a windowsill which is starting to crumble away underneath my fingertips...

I haven't posted any photos over here in a while, so let's look at some pictures instead, shall we?

My dad's twin sister is currently on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. The boys and I drove out to W├╝rzburg on Tuesday afternoon to meet up with her. We've always said that S strongly resembles my Dad, and here's more living proof!
I guess our strawberry plant loves us as much as we do it! Can you believe this perfectly heart-shaped strawberry? We loved it, warts and all!
And then we ate it!
Mwah hah hah hah hah haaaaaaa!

Here's S rustlin' up some cattle out at Buffalo Bill's grave on Lookout Mountain in Colorado.

B's obviously a natural born rider. on a motorcycle...
Cursus! Foiled again! B makes a narrow escape. for now...
S and B and their Colorado cousins at the Denver Zoo!
My favorite part of our trip to Colorado was teatime at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, which was actually built in Tajikistan and transported piece by piece to Boulder! I was lucky enough to get to travel to Tajikistan back in 1995 and have wonderful memories of the beautiful countryside.
B relaxing after his tea. I think he'd actually consider moving to Central Asia if it meant he could have pillows like these at the dinner table!
I loved the traditional artwork on the ceilings! This place was so beautiful, and the tea was fabulous! It's definitely worth a visit if you're ever in the neighborhood!
S goofing around with my sister-in-law / second cousin. Have I ever mentioned here that my cousin married M's brother? I always feel like a redneck when I try to explain our tangled family tree...

I love this picture! This was snapped mid-chaos while visiting M's other brother and his family in Amsterdam. Those are actually real smiles on everybody's faces despite the fact that we asked them to pose for the picture!


anno said...

That strawberry sure looks delicious -- hope there are lots more to come, if only to sweeten these days of uncertainty.

The visits with family sound like a welcome distraction as well. I might have been tempted to stay at that tea house, but maybe that's just me (and beautiful pillows!). When does summer break begin in earnest?

Goofball said...

oooh my strawberry plant doesn't play tricks with us like that. I'm sure it knew you needed a lot of love amidst all your worries! I hope all things work out

funny how you link rednecks to tangled family trees :p

Anonymous said...

Your family tree comments always crack me up. Rednecks nothin' - did you know my parents were cousins??? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, explains a LOT - but also turned the tree into a bramble bush - imagine being cousin to each sibling AND your parents three times over!