07 March, 2009

The Sliding House

Schmutzie is a veritable treasure trove for interesting links. She embedded this video into a recent post and I watched it in complete awe. Need a diversion? Check this out!


Goofball said...

I don't get it entirely (how does it pull back....so is the lenght of the house twice as big if the roof is open?

I wouldn't want to wash all those windows ;)

Astrid said...

Cool but as Goofball said, washing those windows must be a nightmare!

PS- completely unrelated to this post... but if you still have your shirt folder thingy my husband would love it. :) L and I were flicking channels one night and suddenly there was sitcom where the main character used one of those and my husband got so enthusiastic and said we needed to buy one. Maybe it's a male thing to have one of these?? So I immediately thought of you and the marvellous gift, lol