03 March, 2009

Character-building exercise

This afternoon the school had a screening of Madagascar 2 that the boys and I have really been looking forward to. Since we were late leaving the house the boys rode their bikes and I took their Razor scooter. I was just closing the garage door when S said: "Mom! Don't forget to wear a helmet!"

Inwardly I groaned. Very few children here wear helmets and adults never do. I keep telling the kids how silly this is and reminding them how important it is to be safe and not to follow the crowd just because they say something is "uncool".

I was thinking about how ridiculous I would look, and cringing at the thought of helmet head when suddenly I realized: How can I demand that S and B buck the trend if I'm not willing to do it myself?

So I strapped on a helmet and we rode into town and back and I ignored the stares and snickers of the people we passed on the way. Because S has to deal with this on a weekly basis, and if he can be brave enough to do the right thing then I should be as well...


Goofball said...

should I search you-tube now to find a crazy woman in Germany on a razor scooter and wearing a helmet??? :p.

no no you are absolutely right but I'd dread wearing a helmet too. But parents must be consistent I suppose.

mrs. g. said...

Good Mom! (If you did end up on YouTube, you'd let us know, right?)