17 October, 2008

Friday morning, 2am

AH-CHOOOOOOO! sniffle, snurf.

rustle, rustle. rustle, rustle.

M rolls over: Hey, are you OK?
Me: Wha? Oh yeah, fine, thanks. (shaking out the sheets)
M: What are you doing?
Me: You really want to know? (sniff, sniff, turning the pillow over)
M: I'm not sure now, but go ahead and tell me.
Me: Well, when I sneezed I had a cough drop in my mouth, and now I umm, I can't find it. I've looked everywhere! (running fingers through hair.)
M: Oh. That explains a lot.
Me: ???
M: I think it's hiding on your left cheek...


Goofball said...

hahahahaaa I get too many visuals now.

Can you go to bed with a cough drop in your mouth and try to sleep? I'd be afraid that I'd choke when laying down with it, so i'd first finish it before going to bed.

anno said...

Bless you! (I remember to say after laughing so hard I nearly spewed hot tea on my screen. Good thing I didn't have a cough drop in my mouth...)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...sorry you feel bad. Indian Summer flu. yuck. Feel better! too funny.
Lurking Lisa