14 February, 2008

Your favorite ski bunny is back!

I'm back! Thanks so much for your nice comments!

We had a really nice vacation-- we were so busy it seems like we've been gone for ages!

We spent the first few days skiing in Oberstdorf. They had a really great 2.5 km blue piste which was exactly what we needed. Just enough steep parts to keep S interested and just enough scenic gentle inclines to keep me sane.

A storm front came through on tuesday afternoon, so we decided to pull up stakes and drive to Garmisch, where the slopes are several hundred meters higher. We got a great tip on a campground in Krün. This place was fabulous-- extremely clean, gorgeous surroundings and friendly staff.

We skiied in three different areas near Garmisch, and although I enjoyed most of it, I also had moments which provided powerful insight into my character: although I enjoy challenges in some fields I am an absolute chickenshit when it comes to hurtling down icy slopes.

Of course it didn't help matters to see the emergency sled droning past every hour with an endless supply of wounded wintersport enthusiasts. In the end I returned with relatively insignificant souvenirs: an array of pewter-colored bruises on my legs and a knot on my head. I was so grateful to have my knees intact that I almost kissed the laminate floors when we returned home!

The area around Garmisch is gorgeous! The mountains are majestic and snow-covered and resemble a movie-set panorama! I would not have been surprised if we had bumped into the Von Trapp family anywhere along the way! We took a couple of long hikes and really enjoyed soaking up the scenery and the local culture.

In fact, we liked it all so much that I'm thinking of going back with the kids to camp for a week during their Easter break... For now, though, I'm just glad to be back. The weather here today is gorgeous, I no longer have to shower with shoes on and the faucets aren't frozen shut when I wake up in the mornings. Life is good!


G in Berlin said...

Looks great. Do you have a caravan or is the campground also some type of pensione?

Betsy said...

Hi G! We have a caravan and really enjoy camping with it. If you're looking for a campground in the area I can really recommend the Tennsee, where we stayed. The bathroom and shower facilities are spotless and all of the guests there seemed to be regulars who had only positive things to say about their experiences there.

I should probably mention here that most of the people there were older, so it's not a hoppin' place if you're looking to party. However, it was perfect if you're looking for a quiet, safe, kid-friendly place in beautiful surroundings.

We'll definitely be going back!

anno said...

The views sound fabulous, but winter camping -- Yikes! you are more adventurous than I! Welcome back!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! I miss the European campgrounds - so lovely. I'm sorry you ended up with a bump, etc., though.

Betsy said...

The bump probably isn't a bad thing-- just a reminder to buy a helmet!

Goofball said...

aaaah you think you were gone for ages....well I agree :p.

camping in the winter? Oh gosh, you must be married to a Dutch guy. dugh! Can you survive on a campground in winter????? Brrrrrr, yikes, not for me thanks.

Glad you enjoyed it so much though. And we should ski together...I am absolutely chickenshit on steep slopes as well :p