31 August, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe........

When I was little I harbored an innate fear of revolving doors. Afraid of passing through too fast; terrified of being too slow. When walking through I could easily imagine the panel behind me speeding up and opening its jaws to reveal three rows of razor-sharp teeth.

This morning we were on our way into an office building and of course I entered through the regular door. S didn't. I had just gotten inside when I heard him screaming:


and turned around to see him lying on the floor caught in the revolving door. It had run him over and swallowed one of his feet; I could see his toes and the sole of his sandal sticking out in the neighboring section.

A man who had been standing outside smoking rushed in to help and together we pushed the door back in the other direction, freeing S, but running over his foot a second time in the process.

Luckily the office had a bathroom with a big sink. I filled it full of cold water and held his foot in it for about 10 minutes. We stopped by the doctor's office on the way home, but as Murphy would have it, it was closed for lunch.

By the time we got home S was totally calm, so I don't think he's broken anything. One side of his foot is blue and swollen but now that he's had some ibuprofen and a couple of hours have passed he seems to be able to walk on it OK.

So take this as a cautionary tale. Trust my instincts and avoid rotating doors at all costs. Just when you thought it was safe; The legend continues...


christina said...

Noooo! That's one of my worst nightmares. Poor little guy. I HATE revolving doors with a passion. They totally freak me out. I sure hope he's going to be OK.

Betsy said...

You know, kids are so resilient! That bruise doesn't even seem to have slowed him down! He even did Tae Kwan Do yesterday evening!

At the very least I would have expected nightmares or facial tics, or some kind of fallout, but he seems to have completely forgotten about it!

I haven't, though. *shudder!*

Brillig said...

Oh no!!!! How horrifying! Oh, the poor thing. I hope he feels all better soon!