20 July, 2011

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I almost forgot to blog about my trip in July to Bosnia! And old friend got married in Sarajevo and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the wedding and its festivities. Friends of the bride and groom traveled from all around Europe and it was a lively group-- I reconnected with old friends and colleagues and met some really fantastic people! We spent the weekend exploring Sarajevo and took a day trip to Mostar. There is so much history there, some of it so tragic, but all of it extremely interesting. I had a great time and am so happy to have been able to go!

19 July, 2011

Linguistic goofs

Last week I wanted to tell someone in German that we bought our dog back in 2004, but I accidentally used the Dutch verb (gekocht) and proudly announced that we "boiled" her when she was only 8 weeks old.

The other day my brain short-circuited while I was switching back and forth between Dutch and German. I told one person that a boat crashed into some rocks and sank. Turned immediately after that to a German and repeated the sentence in German, but used the Dutch word for rocks, but that actually means "snot" in German. Talk about a maritime tragedy!

05 July, 2011


After a whole lotta bumbling I've finally earned a yellow belt in Aikido!!!

02 July, 2011

Could have been Deepthroat for all I know...

There's a sleepover tonite at our house and the kids chose a film where parental guidance is suggested. M decided to watch it along with them, but he's had a rough week and I already knew beforehand that he wouldn't make it all the way through.

When the film ended he came downstairs and helped get the kids ready for bed. He stretched, smiled and said: "OK, now it's time for me to sleep further."

"Really? You didn't end up watching the film at all, did you?"

"I'm afraid not."

I gasped in mock horror: "What if there were SEX SCENES in it?!!!"

"Well, they didn't keep me awake if there were..."