05 July, 2011


After a whole lotta bumbling I've finally earned a yellow belt in Aikido!!!


Goofball said...


great picture

Betsy said...

Thanks! It's not a actually huge accomplishment because a yellow belt isn't really all that impressive. But I've only been able to go once a week, which has made it hard to pick up the basics, and it's taken for-EVER. I thought I'd never be able to pick up enough to pass the test, so I'm really happy that I finally made it! :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd left a comment congratulating you but apparently, I was mistaken.

Way to GO! Congratulations!

What color is next?

Lisa in Indy

Betsy said...

Orange is next-- hope I make it before I turn 50! ;-)

Africakid said...

That's great! Now you can hold your own against your three men...although, I guess you already do!