16 October, 2010

Дай нам Алясочку назад!**

Last night M and I went to see Любэ in concert with a couple of Russian friends. We've had these guys on rotation for almost 20 years, so it was *amazing* to be able to see them performing live! (The people-watching was such a treat as well!)

**Give us Alaska back!


Goofball said...

sounds euh...interesting :p

Betsy said...

Ha! Yeah, it's not exactly "cool" music. ;-)

In fact, there's a Russian intern at M's work and when he offered to copy the CD for her she said: "You do realize I'm only 22, don't you? That's the kind of music my parents listen to!"

They've got a really unique style, though and are real musicians-- no playback, no bullshit. You'd probably actually really like some of their chancons if you could get past the black leather jackets! ;-)