16 August, 2010


I'd just gotten back from a long walk with the dog. Even though it was still early the day already promised to be a scorcher. I hosed D down at the dog showers and when I leaned down she gave me an enthusiastic full-body wet doggy tackle.

Right about then my father-in-law showed up with a cup of coffee. He smiled, and then his expression turned to one of complete shock.

"Is that REAL? Um, I think you should probably take a look in the mirror."

D's wet fur had transferred onto my chest and left me with a thatch of chest hair that would have turned any sailor green with envy!


anno said...

OK, so html & I are not working well together today, but FWIW, this post of yours cracked me up. Love the pictures!

Goofball said...

hahahaahaaaaaaaa hehehe too funny, you sexy gipsy woman :D

Expats Again said...


Jen said...

Way too funny! It does, um, look like you've sprouted there.

Africakid said...

Don't buy Rogaine--just borrow Betsy's dog!