02 March, 2010

God & Guns

We all went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert yesterday evening in Karlsruhe. M asked for the tickets for his birthday, and I have to admit I was a little less enthusiastic about attending as he was. I fled Florida trying to escape a certain mentality and the political views that their current music represents. For a Dutchman, however, it's just good, fun music, and is maybe even a little bit exotic!

I have to admit, I spent a lot of time being snide yesterday. I made noisy boasts to friends about shaving the number 3 into the hair on my back, or about pulling on a pair of Daisey Dukes. But you know what?

It was so. much. FUN!

We bought relatively cheap standing-room-only tickets and expected an obstructed view, so we were floored when we got to the concert hall and were able to walk right up to the barrier in front of the stage!

The floor eventually filled up with mild-mannered fans, almost all of them German, dressed up in their own rendition of Southern chic. We saw leather vests, cowboy hats, Abraham Lincoln beards, Metallica t-shirts, and a colorful leather jacket with "Las Vegas Rodeo" printed on it. The people-watching was excellent!

When LS finally came out we all started dancing, and S and B were waving their hands and singing along. The band members obviously enjoyed having their two biggest little fans in the audience and kept coming over and waving and smiling at them. Three different band members gave them the picks they were playing with, and at the end Johnny Van Zant himself came over and shook their hands! They were THRILLED!

In my head I'd already prepared a snarky post, but to tell the truth, these guys put on a really amazing concert. They may be aging, but they're very real, and full of energy, and were especially nice to S and B on top of it! (So much for preconceived notions...)

Greg, I think you might even have enjoyed it!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I had front row seats for Rossington and Collins back in the late 80s in my home town. They rocked the house. I love to hear that another generation enjoys their music.
There are many southern democrats left in the south. They look down their noses at those rabid 'red' necks as well. Another music group of southern dems would be Alabama.
Lisa now in Indy

Acedog said...

I would have enjoyed watching your kids and others in the crowd. That part sounds like fun. The music...
Well, I can't separate their music from the mentality you fled. I guess I'm still a refugee from the small Michigan town where I went to high school, where George Wallace won the mock presidential election, and where I got slammed against lockers for being "anti-war", and where LS's shit-kicking music was the soundtrack for it all.

Anonymous said...

You could be right about LS not being one of the old liberal southerners.
I am happy to see that you had a great time.
Lisa in Indy
P.S. Glad that this page doesn't show up in german anymore.

Goofball said...

never heard of them

Betsy said...

Yeah you have, you might just not recognize the name. They sing Sweet Home Alabama.