11 February, 2010

Miscommunication with a capital "M"

This morning I hosted a breakfast at my house for a few friends. About 10 minutes before everyone was to arrive I got a call from the school: could I please come pick up B? He had fallen badly and hurt his elbow and couldn't feel anything in his hand!

Luckily a friend had come early and took over the preparations so that I could go pick up B. When I got to school the teacher came to the door looking grave:

"We don't know what happened! He didn't fall or anything! Just suddenly he had a burning sensation in his hand and shooting pains in his arm! It's very strange!"

B was pale, but I was relieved to see that he was carrying his schoolbag and his jacket with his injured arm. When we got to the car I asked him what had happened. Apparently he'd bumped his funnybone on the corner of his desk. Seems kind of strange that it was still hurting 1/2 hour later, but I decided to take him back home and wait for an hour to see what our next step should be.

2ml of ibuprofen and about 4 waffles later his condition was much improved. Enough so that I took him back to school so that he could attend his class' Carnaval party.

Drove down through a blizzard to pick the kids up after school and S came to the car with a worried expression on his face:

"Mom, I can't find B! And I ran into K and he said that B cut his foot open in class and had to leave early!"

I was still trying to process this alarming information when B came running up to the car with a big smile on his face.

B! What happened to your foot?!

What?! My foot? I don't know, but guess what! I just won 2nd place in a joke-telling contest!


Goofball said...

ah you must love your kids , don't you :p

Betsy said...

Life would be pretty boring without them, that's for sure!

christina said...

Ha ha. Priceless. What a day you had. Sounds like that pass the message game they play at birthday parties - a banged elbow becomes a cut up foot in no time.

Hope the elbow is OK now - I remember once banging my funny bone so hard that I almost passed out (and I was in my 20's at the time!) and it did hurt for ages.