19 December, 2009

Is there a 10 step program for people like me?

It's happening again. Every year it's the same thing-- December rolls around and I lose control of all the balls I'm juggling and everything crashes down around me. I don't know if it's due to the weather or the darkness or all the pressures of the holiday season, but I'm starting to forget things-- enough so that it's becoming embarrassing!

Last week I stood up a friend who waited for me in the cold for 20 minutes before she finally gave up. I forgot to send B to his after school reading group on Monday. Invited someone over to my house, but didn't give her my telephone number OR address! I've got overdue library books waiting to be returned, and yesterday I raced to the nursing home only to realize that I'd come on the wrong day!

I started to blog about this whole phenomenon, but then forgot to finish the post!

And the topper: this morning I went to the grocery store at the crack of dawn (because I forgot to do it yesterday) got to the end of the checkout line and realized that I'd left my wallet at home!

Luckily the cashier was really nice about it: she sent me home with my frozen stuff and I came back and paid and got the rest of my groceries later. How embarrassing!

(My kids are getting sick of me asking them the same questions over and over, but then again, paybacks are hell, guys, because your socks are STILL on the floor despite my repeated reminders.)

Normally such a bout of extreme mental-fog might be worrying, but it's a small comfort that this happens to me at about the same time every year. (Perhaps THAT should be cause for concern?!)

With so much fumbling around lately I end up scrambling to compensate for all the things I've forgotten and hoping nobody notices. It seems I'm living the life of an alcoholic, but then without the alcohol, the wild parties or the made-for-tv movie to document the drama!


anno said...

Ha! And here I thought I had left a comment here yesterday... guess I just started started it, got distracted by something, and then shut down without ever posting it.

When MomMind hits the holidays, nothing good happens. Pour yourself a drink -- trust me, you need it -- sit down with a good book or a favorite magazine, and if anybody complains about anything, give them a chore to do. It won't take long: peace of mind will soon be yours.

And now I'm off to take a bit of my own advice... Wishing you & your family all the best for the holidays!

Goofball said...

oh no and you forgot to stop by for Made in Belgium on Wednesday ...fortunately my posts remain up in the coming year as well :p

weird phenomenon, never heard of december forgetness

Africakid said...

Hi Betsy!
Have a WONDERFUL winter break and holiday time with your family--and I agree with anno, the good book and drink by a warm fire (or heater) sounds like a great way to go!
Thank goodness for kind cashiers...

paintnpencil said...

Think you really need some time alone time , all to yourself, without every one elses worries etc. Hope your Xmas went really well for you.

Betsy said...

Thanks guys!

You're right, Paint 'n Pencil-- Things have slowed down here now and I'm starting to feel less frazzled. Hope you had a nice holiday as well and that 2010 treats you well!