14 October, 2009

He's just as shocked as I am!

My baby turns 8 today! How is this possible?!


anno said...

Chocolate cake ... to start the day? No wonder he's surprised! Hope he has a wonderful day!

Goofball said...

what a funny picture! he sure is no baby anymore.

happy birthday!

S said...

I've got a girl who's turning 8 on Saturday. Send the sick kid over, I'm sure my two will love to have them here. (I'm not so sure my parents would love it but I don't care, hahahaha)
I'll take them in the Frankonian area if you will visit.

Anonymous said...

I ran this shocked look through my program in photo shop and increased the resolution slightly and put him on display in my room. This is the picture drives me wild when I look at him and I always end up kissing those succulent lips like there is no tomorrow.