18 September, 2009

Once for S and once for B and that was it...

A discussion with the kids yesterday evolved into a sex ed opportunity.

How can those two people have had sex? They're too young to have kids!

Well, you're right. Pregnancy can only happen if you've had sexual contact, but not all sexual contact results in pregnancy. Women are only fertile a couple of days per month and there are things you can do to keep from making your partner pregnant. And thank goodness, because otherwise you'd probably end up with thousands of children!

WHAT?! THOUSANDS?! Am I going to be having sex that often?

*groaning inwardly*
Well, not anytime in the near future, I hope. But between two people who love each other sex is a wonderful thing, and someday you will probably be having it regularly.

OK. I think-- hey. wait a minute! Does that mean that you and Daddy have had sex more than twice?!


Goofball said...

what a shock :D

GL'sD said...

Now that you have him thinking. YOU WILL HAVE MORE QUESTION!!!

anno said...

Definitely a starting point for some interesting conversations to come: be prepared!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think it only dawned on me when I was 11 and found my mom's birth control pills.

I was beyond grossed out, because that meant they were "doing it" with no thought of children involved.

TMI. ;-)

Jennifer said...

You could really confuse the heck out of them and introduce the idea of some people having children without sex!