14 April, 2009

Solid potato salad?

This video is hilarious! Are these women completely boneless? And how on earth do they keep from falling on their faces? And isn't all potato salad solid? (unless it's come back up, that is... *sorry*)

Keep watching-- it only gets weirder as it goes along!


Goofball said...

eek, I don't find that hilarious, I find it very creepy to see such "unhuman" creatures. I can't help finding a bit disturbing to watch

Astrid said...

Hmmmm... So you don't do those exercises after having had some potato salad??!!

That looked very similar to my afternoon stretch and bend movements...hahaha :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I totally have to show this to my mom - just out of her era!

Laura said...

Hi Betsy,
just found your blog, love the name and your stories! I saw that you're in stuttgart, we're writing from ludwigsburg about adventures with children in europe and germany... check it out here if you have a chance!
Take care,

Brit Sung Kyung Kim said...

iiiiirrrrkkkkss.... yet amazing too.. and then again.. iiiirrkksszz .. oh.. well, I could record an entirely different soundtrack for this clip ;) GGggg

ps. happy that your video-period is back.. endless source of joy.. the Finnish disco dancers, the groovy Indian styled man with golden boots.. 'dancing' and the guy on stage and.. and.. ;)

pps. PINGURC .. is that a German pickle ? or just my word verification for this comment ,)