24 February, 2009


My wireless is back up! (*happy dance*) And thank God, because there were all kinds of interesting things going on on the Internet while I was gone! Procrastinating something? I've got some great diversions lined up for you today!
  1. As usual Jennifer says exactly what I've been thinking, but then so much better!
  2. I can never get enough of Anno-- really, if both of us weren't already married I'd probably be hanging around her garden gate with a fistful of handpicked daisies. This poem radiates such contentment and sweetness that it should probably be cross-stitched and hung up in someone's kitchen.
  3. I really enjoyed watching this trailer.
  4. Got any children's birthdays coming up? Because I've got the perfect gift idea for you!!!
  5. This recipe made my mouth water!
  6. I got my ticket to see the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt this summer!
  7. In the past few days I've gotten sucked into the black hole that is Facebook. On the one hand it's completely fascinating, on the other, I don't think I need this kind of distraction in my life! All of a sudden my inbox is filling up with friendship requests from people from all different phases of my life! Some of these requests are thrilling and welcome, but others are from people I never knew very well. I'd like to just keep my "friends" list small-- focus on quality rather than quantity, but get the feeling that Facebook is generally a numbers game and that this is just not "done". I feel guilty about ignoring some of these requests-- am interested: what is your protocol as to who you befriend and whose requests you pass up?


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think I need more diversions... I'm still not up to snuff and my brain feels like oatmeal.

The friend thing... I'll usually say yes, but most folks don't contact you that frequently in any case. If there's anyone I don't know/don't trust I ignore their request.

Brit Sung Kyung Kim said...

happy to hear from u - blogging and FB

I joined FB to share pics after Summer 07 Int. Adoptee Gathering in Seoul - perfect perfect media for photosharing from 1 event within a group of 700 people from 16 countries :)

then, I got 'sucked' in too.. loving that it keeps me in touch with people from different phases and places in life

but - agree with u on the need for criteria so - here's mine

I actively add people whom I know and would like to meet every year at least once or twice or.. every day! ;)

I accept people's request if:
1. I have met them / worked with them and felt comfortable and able to connect in a less formal manner

2. I have not met them, but we share a common 'cause'/life theme and I can see that they are FB friends with someone I trust

2.a. then I write them a short note and depending on their response I keep them or.. ;)

3. If I have met them and would like to keep contact on a networking basis (projects etc.)

also, family, lifetime friends of course..

Ps. I do 'clean up' from time to time.. meaning if someone's my FB friend and I haven't met in real life and I haven't messaged with them since.. ½-1 year .. then, I might let them go :)

pps. my nieces are now on FB and they're way to young.. but so smart ! they didn't use their real name ;)

anno said...

Um. I gasped when I saw that birthday gift. How did you ever find that?

Also: Whoever brings me flowers gets a glass of wine. That's the deal. Married or not. Thanks for the link -- I'm glad you liked the poem!

Goofball said...

I only accept friend requests from people
+I've met in life or I communicate somehow with them on a fairly regular basis (eg via blog comments)
+ I feel I want to keep up to date with their lives and hopefully they do with mine
- I avoid professional contacts, there's LinkedIn for that.

anno said...

P.S. Hooray for those tickets to see the DL!