24 January, 2009

The truth about German jokes...

B: Hey Mom! A just lent me his joke book! How 'bout I read you a couple of jokes!?

Me: *sigh* OK.

B: Little Karl Heinz points at two dogs stuck together on the sidewalk. "Daddy, what are they doing?" The father answers: "Well son, one dog is sick and the other one is dragging his friend to the hospital."

*blink* Ha! That's funny!

Me: Why?

B: Because dogs don't go to hospitals! OK, here's another one.

Daddy pats his big belly and says "How did I get to be so fat?!" Mama says: "You eat too much". And little Manfred says: "No, I know! Last week I saw Aunt Jule with her head in your lap blowing you up like a balloon!"


I don't get it.

Me: Yeah. I think it's time for you to give that joke book back to A.

B: You're right-- German jokes just are NOT funny!


anno said...

Oh my, you handled that well. How long do you think you have before A explains these jokes to B?

Betsy said...

That's actually the funniest part of this anecdote! Because A is American, and just moved here and can't speak a word of German! His well-meaning parents bought him that joke book in hopes that it would inspire him to start learning the language! They would probably be horrified if they knew what was really in there! :-D

Goofball said...

Well ...glad he realises that German jokes are not funny ;)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is WAY too funny. Truly.

honeypiehorse said...

I thought the first joke was a very representative German joke. It's like that beer commercial says, 'Germans do beer, not humor.'