26 December, 2012

Launching themselves into the new year!

Desperate times...

The supermarkets are still closed for Christmas and we've run out of food so we've decided to start grilling the children. This one is a little tough and stringy...

25 December, 2012

Safety first!

Helicopter parenting at its best...

20 December, 2012

Nouveau Braille

S came home from Taekwondo all fired up: "MOM! You want to hear something really disgusting?! I kicked E in the mouth today during sparring and I could feel my foot slide across his lips! It was so GROSS! Like, if his teeth had been crooked and in the shape of letters I could have read them with the side of my foot!"

Dubstep Staircase

S being a goofball and getting his daily workout! :-)