23 May, 2010

So far being middle-aged isn't all that bad...

Hello from beautiful, sunny Lake Garda! I celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday and did it in style. We arrived on our favorite campground at 6pm-- I mentioned at reception that it was my birthday and asked if they could recommend a nice restaurant. She said she'd look into it, and about 15 minutes later someone arrived at our campsite with a map and the news that a reservation for us had been made in a restaurant at the harbour about 10 minutes walk away! What a nice surprise!

We enjoyed some really nice food and wine and then drank espressos while looking out over the twinkling lights of the harbor. (The espressos were, luckily, decaffinated so as not to tax my now middle-aged body and cause me to go into shock. ;-) )

Today has been really relaxing with an early morning hike, a good book, a snooze in the shade and a run through some really beautiful countryside. This evening I'll make a big salad and some fresh pasta and sit out back in a deckchair and enjoy the view with my sweetie.

Man, if this is any indication of the coming decade then I think I'm going to enjoy my 40's!

18 May, 2010

A centurion in our midst!

M's Grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday on the 13th! Her grandchildren organized a full-day event which included a boat trip, a visit to a wooden-clog museum and a dinner. We all had such a nice time and I think that Oma really enjoyed her fête!

05 May, 2010

Taekwando Prüfung

M and B passed their Taekwando Prüfung a couple of weeks ago. B has now earned a yellow-green belt and M has moved up to green-blue! They both worked really hard and I'm so proud of them!

04 May, 2010


Can't get enough of this song today!

And here's one of the "prettiest, singendest, song-writendest little blondes in Country Music right now (1974)"...

And although I don't like this version much I'll include it just for the camp factor:

02 May, 2010